A College Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Recognised by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
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Computer Science
M.A in Social Work and Public ad.
Physical Education
Library Science
Education Department
Facilities Education Department
Language lab
Language is the best means of communication. For communication with impact our college has well equipped language lab. The students make practice of speaking the correct language with the help of language lab.
The College offers a well maintained and furnished ICT lab to facilitate various groups of students. The laboratory has 25 systems with suitable configuration having internet facility which are handled by experienced computer assistant and faculty members.
In the age of information the library services must be the heart of any institution. The library (learning and resource centre) plays a vital role in improvising and nurturing knowledge & aiding in learning activities. The primary purpose of the library is to support teaching, research and academic programs. The institution has an intensive collection of books almost every aspect of education references books, general books, books related to personality development, a large number of magazines, news papers, periodicals, encyclopedia & journals necessary to help the students keep abreast with the developments are available .The library is fully computerized for issues and return of books. The library has open access system.
Educational Technology Lab
E.T. lab is well equipped with various equipments for the studens to train themselves in the most modernized way. Educational technology lab has following equipments :
Handy cam
L.C.D. Projector
O.H.P. with screen
Slide projector
Coloured T.V.
V.C.D. player
Tape Recorder
Psychology lab
The psychology laboratory is essential to maintain the quality and standard o f the teachers training program at any level. The college has well equipped psychology laboratory with a large number of apparatus and tests on various aspects of psychology such a child's socio-economic, intellectual, personality and behaviour dimensions. Knowledge of these psychological aspects is imperative to understand the need of a child- centered curriculum and modalities of its transaction. The trainees learn various components of child psychology through various psychological tests which help to understand their student better.
Science Lab
It consists of all the requisite materials for conduct of science experiments. The lab provides access to instruction material and a platform for conducting practical and demonstration in the methodology of teaching the concerned subject. The lab is equipped to demonstrate and conduct the following experiments.
Physics: Experiment on light, optics, magnet, etc.
Chemistry: Experiment on acid base salt and sugar colloidal solution. Experiments on crystals, temperature, metals, chemical reactions etc.
Biology: Photosynthesis, osmosis, flowers, bacteria, purification food etc.
Mathematics: To find out diameter of circle, cone, cubiod, cylinder, angles of objects, triangle, area of parallogram,etc.
With a view to spread the fragrance of quality education of the college to far flung areas, the college has fully fledged boys and girls hostels to accommodate outstation students.
Bus Facilities
Bus Facilities is available.
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