A College Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Recognised by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
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Computer Science
M.A in Social Work and Public ad.
Physical Education
Library Science
Education Department
Code of Conduct Education Department
The students of Rajeev Gandhi College shall follow strict discipline and code of conduct. If they fail to follow directions of the Principal, they are liable to face any sever action like rustication.
The students shall respect and behave properly with their teachers.
The students shall not do anything inspired by politics like strikes or orgainise rallies. They shall always be attached to some constructive activity.
The students shall develop the habit of study and shall keep a tract of the Notice Board for instruction, directions, guidelines etc.
The students shall have no contact with or allow any anti social elements and if they do so in the premises of the University, they shall be liable for severe punishment.
Those students who cause damage to the property of the University shall not only be severely punished but also require compensating to the damage.
Use n of any unusual means in the examinations by the students is prohibited, if they do so, they are debarred for three years in sitting in any examination as per guidelines of the Barkatullah University and legal action shall be taken. The entire responsible shall be of the students in this regard. Thus they should be very careful.
If the students are absent in the class, they shall have produce an application duly signed by their parents or guardian.
If a student is absent for more 15 days with out intimation or application their names shall be removed from rolls of the College. They shall only be re enrolled if they pay the entire fee prescribed.
It is compulsory to the students to appear in all the tests and examinations conducted by the College. If they fail to appear, it is imperative to forward a written application through Subject- in -Charge to the Principal.
It is expected of the students to compulsorily participate in all the cultural activities of College.
The students shall maintain mutual respect and understanding in the College.
If the students act against the interests of the College they are liable for punishment.
It is believed that the students supply correct and factual information to the College on all the matters sought by the College.
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