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Recognised by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
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Computer Science
M.A in Social Work and Public ad.
Physical Education
Library Science
Education Department
Examination of Education Department
  Open Book Examination 2020-21
  B.Ed 2nd Sem
  Time Table
  Time Table BEd 2020-21 II Sem
  Cover Page
  CU2. Cover Page Open Book Exam Jun 2021 PG Coll&Univ BEd 2nd Sem
  Comp. BG-42 BEd 2Sem - CC-1 Learning & Teaching
  Comp. BG-49 BEd 2Sem - PC-II Lang. Across the Curriculum
  PC1. BG-51 BEd 2Sem - PC-I Social Science
  PC1. BG-46 BEd 2Sem - PC-I Physical Science
  PC1. BG-56 BEd 2Sem - Commerce
  PC1. BG-55 BEd 2Sem - PC-I Geography
  PC1. BG-52 BEd 2Sem - PC-I Civics
  PC1. BG-54 BEd 2Sem - PC-II History
  PC2. BG-43 BEd 2Sem - PC-II Hindi
  PC2. BG-45 BEd 2Sem - PC-II English
  PC2. BG-48 BEd 2Sem - PC-I Biological Science
  PC2. BG-47 BEd 2Sem - PC-I Mathematics
  PC2. BG-53 BEd 2Sem - PC-II Economics
  B.Ed 4th Sem
  Time Table
  Time Table BEd 2020-21 IV Sem
  Cover Page
  CU1. Cover Page Open Book Exam Jun 2021 PG Coll&Univ BEd 4h Sem
  BG-58 BEd 4Sem - CC-1 Gender, School & Society
  BG-59 BEd 4Sem - CC-2 Educational Technology & ICT
  BG-60 BEd 4Sem - CC-3 Creating an Inclusive School
  BG-61 BEd 4Sem - EPC-3 Understanding the Self
  BG-66 BEd 4Sem - Env. Education
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