A College Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Recognised by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
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Computer Science
M.A in Social Work and Public ad.
Physical Education
Library Science
Science Department
About Us Scinece Department

The Department of Science in Rajeev Gandhi college(Run by Chouhan Education Society) was founded in1997 with a vision to make an impact through research, technology based education and training and service to society.

What makes the science experience at Rajeev Gandhi college's special, over and above the syllabus (the same in all of Barakatullah University), are - the dedication of its teachers, the quality of its students, and the unique atmosphere of the college. At their best our teachers require their students to learn honestly, think independently, recognize quality, and develop the confidence to create rather than merely reproduce. At their best our students keep their teachers and one another on their feet. The quality of the students gives the teachers the freedom to go beyond the confines of the syllabus, whether in practical matters or recondite matters. Students do projects to explore areas off the charted path. Teachers and students alike work hard and think hard. And yet, there is an atmosphere of joyful camaraderie in the department. Though the pressure of tests and projects cannot be denied, it is not relentless - there is time enough for discussion and dreaming, for participation in extra-curricular activities, and for fun and fellowship. In keeping with Rajeev Gandhian tradition Science students get a lot of personal attention from teachers, an important source of encouragement and guidance.

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