Affiliated to Barkatullah University. Bhopal
Recognized by National Council for Teachers Education
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Computer Science
M.A in Social Work and Public ad.
Physical Education
Library Science
Physical Education Department
Assignment Physical Education Department
B.P.E.S. IIIrd Year (Old) Examination, 2020
Foundation of Physical Education Paper-I
Management of Physical Edu Paper-II
Corrective of Physical Edu Paper-III
Health Education Paper-IV
Test and Measurment Paper-V
B.P. Ed. IVth Semester Examination, 2020
Measurment & Evolution in Phy. Edu Paper-I
Kinesiology Biomechanics Paper-II
Research and Statistics in-Phy. EducationPaper-III
Spl. Sports Management Elective Paper-IV
M.P. Ed. IVth Semester Examination, 2020
Sports Psychology Paper I
Sports Management Paper II
Game Specialization Paper-III
Professional Preparation in Phy. Edu Paper-IV
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