A College Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Recognised by Bar Council of India
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Computer Science
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Law Department
Foreword Law Department
Some time back it was felt that an independent Law College is needed to generate trained young Lawyers at Capital. The legal education now days a require to be given new shape for prosperous and quality education. The College organises the Seminars, Literacy Camp regularly to give practical knowledge at grass-root level.
Realising the need, an independent Law College has been established and has started the 3 years LL.B course and five years Law course. Apart from professional course, the college has also started the LL.M classes to promote the higher legal education.

In order to fulfill this sole responsibility, our college is committed to help & trained the young fro profession in excellence. We welcome all such, young for future profession to join in our commitments towards excellence.
Sandeep Chouhan
Governing Body
Rajeev Gandhi Law College,
Syed Sajid Ali
Chouhan Education Society
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